This allows you to share files using a Wi-Fi connection between different devices

This allows you to share files using a Wi-Fi connection between different devices

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Program license: Free

Program by: SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd

Version: 5.9.39_ww

Works under: Android

Also available for Windows Mac


Program license

(260 votes)


Program by


SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd


Works under:

Also available for


Windows Mac

If you're one of the many millions of people out there with more than one mobile device, then the time may have come when you've had to exchange files, and this is where a program like SHAREit comes into play for all Android users.

A Detailed Review of SHAREit for Android

Let's say you've had the same phone for a few years and are just now getting a new upgrade, or even a new tablet to complement your mobile computing. You could go ahead and manually download everything personal to you again, which could take a long time. Or, if you're a bit savvier than that, you could get a program like SHAREit for Android and simply transfer all your files with a few clicks. When you break it down, this program basically allows you to use an internet connection to transfer all the files from one device to another. You won't need any special security clearance, and it won't take all night. It's basically like loading all your files onto a USB or external HDD, only they're being transferred via the internet to a new device.

As one might imagine, there are all sorts of practical applications for a program like this. Photos, apps, music, passwords, big programs, games, and everything else stored on your device can be transferred to a new device. This is great for security back-ups, new purchases, or just ensuring that you have the programs you want on all your devices. As long as you're running the Android OS, you can link your devices with this program and transfer.

What SHAREit is and How it Works

Basically, SHAREit is an alternative to cloud storage. And just ask those celebrities how well cloud storage works out for them! This is far more secure, far easier, and doesn't cost you anything. No matter what your file type, as long as it's on your Android device, you can decide to transfer it to any other authorized device. So, in theory, you don't even need to own the other device. If you want to give your friend a new game, or give your boss the latest work you've been doing, all you have to do is transfer the data to another Android device.

The way it works is simple, and very secure. Rather than actually using a general WiFi connection from the air, or some sort of Bluetooth setup, it will create its own direct wireless connection, good for up to five devices. Basically, this means that unless a specific device is programmed to use the network, it cannot come in and interrupt the exchange or steal the files. Unlike cloud storage, only assigned devices are able to receive access to the main terminal here. So it's far safer than conventional sharing methods. It might not be the fastest way to share or transfer your files out there today, but it is one of the safest, and certainly one of the simplest to follow along with.

Pros and Cons of SHAREit


  • Very secure file sharing
  • Can link up to 5 Android devices
  • Compatible with any Android OS
  • Not susceptible like cloud storage


  • Sharing can be slow
  • Larger files might err in transference
  • Might lose connection occasionally